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Commercial Insurance

Arkansas's entrepreneurs are on the rise and developing successful businesses throughout the state. In order to maintain this success and continue with successful operations, taking on commercial insurance will provide a stable level of security for your company and employees. See below as to why a policy with Timberline Insurance Agency, LLC is exactly what your business needs.

What Is Required in Arkansas?

Small businesses in Arkansas are not required to carry most forms of commercial insurance, but it is highly recommended. Because the Arkansas economy is small business dominant, staying competitive and successful requires additional coverage through commercial insurance. Workers compensation, however, is a requirement for employers that have more than one employee in service and is defined as an employee, and not a sole proprietor. Workers compensation covers accidents that involve employees of the business, should they be hurt on the job.

Get Liability Coverage

When you first begin working with our agents at Timberline Insurance Agency, LLC, discuss liability coverage, as this is the most common need. This covers your business from any financial obligations as a result of damages from the following:

These accidents include customers and public patrons who are visiting your business. Such rulings and costs associated with these damages have been known to cripple Arkansas businesses financially. By having liability coverage, not only is the company protected, but your employees and their jobs are protected, as well.

Supplement Your Policy

With commercial insurance, you can craft your policy to include supplemental coverages that amplify your business protection. They include the following:

Some of these are industry specific, so based upon your business type and the products/services you offer, supplementing your policy is highly recommended.

Get Covered Today

If you have recently started a small business in Arkansas or are in the process of doing so, contact our agents at Timberline Insurance Agency, LLC today for more information on our commercial insurance policy and what it can do for your business.

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