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Life Insurance

Many of us do not often think of life insurance and its importance to our families after we have passed. We spend time developing a living will, and many of us outline our final wish plans with family members. However, if you are not a wealthy resident, then chances of paying for those services fall to our loved ones. A life insurance policy can also benefit your loved ones in ways such as college expenses, remaining debt, and much more. Relieve the financial burden from them during their time of mourning with a life insurance policy from Timberline Insurance Agency, LLC in Arkansas.

Funeral Costs

Whether you choose to have a traditional funeral with burial or be cremated with a small ceremony for your family, some costs are associated with the different services. Pay for the following with your life insurance policy:

These services are only a part of what you can expect to include for your final wishes. If you have a funeral home preference for your final request, you should review the current costs of the services when meeting with an agent to quote your policy. Many enjoy the setup and atmosphere of a funeral home chapel as opposed to their church or home for viewing and services. For those who are looking for a burial, other costs must be considered.

Burial Costs

Burial costs cover the actual burial plot for you when you have passed. For those who want to be buried in a cemetery, purchasing a plot must be considered. With your life insurance policy, you can ensure you have enough funds to cover the cost of the burial plot, nameplate, and headstone that you desire. It is crucial to consider the benefits of a whole life policy vs. a term policy before making a decision, and this can be discussed with one of our agents.

Get Secured Today

Do not let your loved ones take on financial stress to honor your final wishes or have to deal with leftover debt. Give them one last gift of financial security to ensure that your family is taken care of and left with a sense of peace. If you are an Arkansas Resident, contact one of our agents today at Timberline Insurance Agency, LLC for your personalized quote on life insurance.

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